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Bristow Law Office, LLC is a Kansas City law firm with criminal defense attorneys for drug possession and distribution, drug manufacturing, drug paraphernalia, robbery, burglary, weapons offenses, assault, domestic violence, theft, fraud, bad checks, solicitation, vandalism, arson, and child support. Bristow Law Office serves the greater Kansas City area, including North Kansas City, Gladstone, Parkville, Platte City, Smithville, Liberty, Excelsior Springs, Independence, Blue Springs, Raytown, Lee’s Summit, Grandview, Raymore, Belton, Jackson County, Platte County, and Clay


  Criminal Defense

    Contact a criminal defense attorney in our     Kansas City law office if you have been     accused of any of the following crimes:

   •  Drug Possession/Paraphernalia

   •  Drug Distribution/Manufacturing

   •  Robbery/Burglary

   •  Weapons offense

   •  Assault/Domestic Violence

    •  Theft

   •  Fraud/Bad Checks

   •  Solicitation & Patronizing

   •  Vandalism/Arson

   •  Child Support

Any criminal conviction, misdemeanor or felony, can have devastating effects on you, including incarceration, a permanent criminal record, loss of present employment or ineligibility for future employment, and restrictive probation requirements.

If you have been charged with a crime, a criminal defense attorney from our office will sit down with you and discuss the facts and circumstances of your case.  It is very likely that there have been cases very similar to yours, and that there are solid defenses in place to fight the charges.

We will begin by reviewing all of the evidence the prosecutor has against you, including police reports, written or recorded statements, photographs, video recordings, and physical evidence.  We will then research all of the relevant laws and cases that can help us negate your guilt of the crime.

After researching, your criminal defense lawyer will develop a specific strategy for your case, and begin negotiating a fair deal with the prosecutor to reduce, or possibly dismiss, the charges against you.  If you are not comfortable with the prosecutor’s best plea offer, we can discuss taking your case to trial and aggressively defending the charges against you by disproving the prosecutor’s evidence.

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